Member Benefits

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Connecting with Colleagues

Connecting with peers and colleagues is important for all of us, both personally and professionally.  VPA can help you make those connections and improve your networking.

Ethics Consultations

Got an ethics dilemma or question?  VPA members get FREE consultations with our Ethics Committee.  Our Ethics Committee is composed of VPA members who have a passion for the ethics of the profession and who are experienced in applying the ethics code.

Reimbursement/Billing Consultations

Confused about how to bill your services, get credentialed for an insurance panel, or have questions about reimbursement from private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid?  VPA members get FREE consultations with our Insurance Committee, who are experienced and expert in these matters.

Discounts on VPA CE Workshops & Advertising

VPA is your LOCAL APA-approved sponsor of CE workshops.  Members get an exclusive significant discount on registration for all the VPA CE workshops.

VPA also members get significant discounts on advertising on our website, our classified ads, in our print  brochures, and on exhibit tables/booths at our events. 

Discounts on Other Workshops

VPA members also get discounts on workshops from other providers.  VPA members get the New Hampshire Psychological Association rate on CE workshops sponsored by NHPA.  VPA members also get discounts on webinars sponsored by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists.

VPA Referral List

VPA members get a free listing on our referral list, which is available on our website and when individuals call VPA.

Member Dues

Dues are pro-rated for the first year of membership.


I have  been impressed with VPA's support for legislative actions that aim to  improve mental health care for all Vermonters.  I’ve also benefited from  gathering with mental health providers from different backgrounds and professions at CE events where we share experiences and gain support and  ideas from each other.  I know these events could not happen without an  active and vibrant VPA membership.

Gus Jordan, Ph.D., Executive Director, Health & Counseling Services, Middlebury College

Without VPA to inform and fight for us, we are in the dark until the wolf is at the door.  The importance of advocacy can not be understated. . . .  Camaraderie and the chance for discussions with colleagues are true opportunities.  VPA provides CE close to home, insurance information and ethics consultations, as well as legislative testimony on behalf of psychology.  VPA membership is a professional necessity and a privilege.

Charlotte R. McGray, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist

VPA membership is a must because it enables peer social and clinical contact, allows members to keep up with legal and business-related changes in the field, makes ethics credits easy, and supports a  pro-psychology agenda in the state and nationally.

Anthony R. Quintiliani, Ph.D., LADC, Clinical Psychologist  & Author

I initially  joined VPA because I felt it was the right thing to do.  However, it was  only once I began attending more CE events and getting to know my  colleagues that I knew my VPA membership was a worthwhile investment.  It's been a privilege to be a member of VPA and because of  my membership, it's been an honor to serve on the Board of Directors.

Rick Barnett, Psy.D., M.S., LADC, Clinical Psychologist & VPA  Legislative  Advocacy Committee Chair 

VPA is the  primary advocate for legislation and policy development to assure the  most effective services for psychological services for Vermonters.  VPA  is a wonderful source of support for professional and personal growth for psychologists so as to provide increasingly effective professional services to Vermonters.  VPA supports the development of professional relationships with other colleagues and supports psychologists taking leadership roles in psychology.  Finally, VPA provides . . .  excellent continuing education programs & opportunities for discussion of, and advocacy for, practice issues and psychological services to Vermonters.

Richard W. Root,  Ed.D., Clinical Psychologist

Membership Applications

Membership Application--Licensed Professionals (pdf)


Membership Application--Public & Students (pdf)