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Blue Cross Blue Shield Place of Service Codes

There have been mixed reports about place of service codes from insurance companies. Our Insurance Chair, Milton Marasch, has received word from Blue Cross Blue Shield Vermont in regards to how new CMS policies will affect their place of service does. A representative...

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Audio-Only Telehealth Services

We encourage members to review insurance coding announcements from your various insurances on any coding changes for audio-only telehealth services.  For instance, MVP has just announced Modifier V3 and Place of Service (POS) code 99 ("other") for plain old telephone...

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CMS Place of Service Codes 

Our Insurance Chair, Milton Marasch, has drawn our attention to some changes to CMS place of service codes. According to at least one source, CMS looks like they will be requiring one in-person visit within 6 months of the initial tele-mental health service, and then...

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Problems with Coding Updates for DSM-V

From Dr. Milt Marasch, VPA Insurance Chair: Here's an FYI for folks.  I just ran across a 2016 web article from the APA on problems with coding updates for the DSM-5. Apparently some of the DSM codes did not crosswalk well to the ICD-10 codes as printed in the...

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1099 for Provider Relief Payment

You may have received a 1099 for the Provider Relief Payment you received in 2020, and you may be asking whether that payment is taxable.  Normally when you receive a Form 1099 for income, that income is taxable, but because VPA is not able to provide legal or...

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Medicaid Medical Record Retrieval Campaign

Cotiviti is the record retrieval contractor for VT Medicaid and has begun outreaching selected providers to request the submission of medical records in support of VT Medicaid’s Medical Record Review (MRR). Cotiviti will call each provider to confirm they have reached...

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Webinar: Medicaid Medical Record Review

DVHA will be providing an overview on the Vermont Medicaid Medical Record Review (MRR) request letters; the data requested will be used to compare to HEDIS performance measures each year to gauge our members well-being. This training will review the medical record...

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Public Health Emergency & Telehealth Guidance Update

From VPA Insurance Committee: The short version of the information provided below, is that the extension of the public health emergency (PHE) is expected on the federal level, and I would imagine this would be mirrored on the state level as well. Medicare rules about...

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Decision Aids for Clinical Practice Guidelines Now Available

APA recently published a set of decision aids to accompany each of its existing clinical practice guidelines (PTSD in Adults, Obesity and Overweight in Children and Adolescents, and Depression in Children/Adolescents, Adults, and Older Adults). The decision aids are...

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Have a Job to Post?

Are you hiring?  Check out our new job posting site, where you can post jobs, search resumes, review our career center, and see who else is hiring in Vermont!  Just click Careers in the navigation bar or click here.