PSYPACT (H.391):  Our advocates in Montpelier are in communication with the lead sponsor for PSYPACT, Rep. Tanya Vyhovsky (P - Chitt), although the bill was not taken up this year.  Our advocates report there is a good chance of progress next session because mental health in general is getting more and more attention as COVID-19 leaves mental health practices/agencies overwhelmed.  People are likely to travel more and more so practicing across state lines is important. Finally, NASW is working on their own interstate compact and this favors all interstate compact efforts.

Prescribing Privileges for Psychologists with Advance Training (H.392):  Our advocates have been meeting regularly to pursue RxP through a “sunrise review,” which involves a comprehensive assessment of the legislation, considering whether it is in the public’s best interest without threat to the public health, safety, and welfare.  We believe the bill will be taken up for testimony in 2022, possibly with a favorable recommendation from the Office of Professional Regulation. We will need assistance from VPA Board and our members to reach out to key legislative leaders during the summer and fall to create a groundswell of support in advance of January 2022.