There have been mixed reports about place of service codes from insurance companies. Our Insurance Chair, Milton Marasch, has received word from Blue Cross Blue Shield Vermont in regards to how new CMS policies will affect their place of service does.

A representative from the company has indicated there will be no change in their place of service code procedures for telemedicine: The American Medical Association released a new place of service code for telemedicine – place of service 10, which is effective January 1, 2022.  Our Payment Policy for Telemedicine CPP_03 will not be updated for January 1, 2022, however, until further notice, either place of service for telemedicine (02 or 10) will be accepted and processed by our system.

The CMS has a listing of the new AMA place of service (POS) codes and their descriptions - including the new POS=10 code, that should also be noted.  The question was raised as to whether the POS=02 code would be used instead for the rare circumstances where the patient is a resident in a nursing facility instead of in a traditional home. The representative reported that they will accept either the place of service 10 or 02 for patients in a nursing facility that are receiving telemedicine services.


CMS link on the place of service (POS) codes:

BCBSVT documentation (bottom of page 2): 

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