Switching SSN to FEIN for Enrollment Type “Individual” Vermont Medicaid does not require that providers switch their enrollment from SSN to EIN, but many providers are choosing to make this change. If you are an Individual Provider choosing to switch your enrollment from SSN to EIN, please navigate to http://www.vtmedicaid.com/#/home, click on “Provider Enrollment” at the top of the screen and choose the third option from the top; “Instructions”. Then, open the “Green Mountain Care Instructions for Enrollment & Revalidation”. Next, scroll to Section 12.3 Switching SSN to FEIN for Enrollment Type “Individual”. This section contains the specific process that must be followed in order to make this update. If you have questions about this process, please outreach to the Provider Services Help Desk at 800-925-1706.
2022 HEDIS Performance Measure Production Includes a Medical Record Review (MRR) Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is one of the most widely used sets of health care performance measures in the United States. VT Medicaid produces these measures to measure health plan processes and member health outcomes. To produce some of the HEDIS measures, DVHA must request members’ medical records from providers and then trained clinicians review and abstract data from the member’s record that does not show up in claims data. Cotiviti is the record retrieval contractor for VT Medicaid and will begin outreaching selected providers in March and requesting the submission of medical records to support VT Medicaid’s 2022 Medical Record Review (MRR). For more info, please visit: https://dvha.vermont.gov/providers/audits/hedis-hybrid-measure-medical-record-review-mrr.