From Dr. Rick Barnett:

Hello Div55ers and VPA Members,

Here is a brief update on Vermont’s RxP effort, with a longer description coming next week (after I meet with the lobbyist).

I spoke with the Office of Professional Regulation today who spear-headed a “Sunrise Review” Process. The report that was to be submitted to the House Government Operations Committee in January has not yet been completed. The word is that it will be a favorable recommendation with several caveats, and it will be kicked to the next Biennium (this will be Vermont’s 4th Biennium, it is on a 2 year legislative cycle) with an RxP bill.

So, the work will continue into next year. In the meantime, more discussion and addendums have been written that will focus on the regulatory oversight process (for example, proposing a subcommittee of prescribers be created to serve as needed on Board of Psychological Examiners), beefed up clinical training requirements (a hybrid of Illinois and Idaho and not modeling NM or LA), and getting realistic expectations on the long-term uptake of this new workforce (citing those currently enrolled in the various RxP training programs across the country). This likely means a new bill (but not necessarily).

This is not bad news at all! We are in this for the long haul. We stand on the shoulders of giants who have gone before us with vision, persistence, and conviction. Much gratitude to all of you who guide and inspire us along the way!