Some of you may remember our discussion about CareDash, a nationwide directory (pulled from the NPI listings) of of therapists that included individual therapists without seeking their permission or getting any details of the practice. It purported to allow individuals to schedule an appointment with every therapist listed. When individuals would choose a therapist and click to schedule an appointment, the site would pass the individual through to Better Health, an online therapy platform (not associated with CareDash, to our knowledge).

In conjunction with APA, VPA advocated for prohibiting CareDash from using psychologists and therapists information without permission. We are pleased to announce that CareDash is now out of business.

As you’ll see below, all of our efforts paid off—CareDash is out of business.  The CareDash website is no longer active as of February 1, 2023, and the company itself, NuFit Media, Inc. (doing business as CareDash), has discontinued its business. This is a major victory in protecting psychologists’ reputations and livelihood.