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Vermont Ranks #12 Overall in MHA Survey

Mental Health America recently released its chartbook The State of Mental Health in America, which provides statistics on the prevalence of mental illness and access to mental health care. Vermont ranked 12th overall (balancing prevalence of mental illness and access...

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Progress on PSYPACT

VPA has been advocating for the passage of PSYPACT, Vermont H.282, for some time. Great news! PSYPACT passed through the House Health Committee and has now gone to the House Ways and Means Committee. Here is written testimony from the Office of Professional...

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Medicare: Recent Changes

A number of changes to Medicare were passed in late 2022, including an expansion of the providers who can be reimbursed, an extension of telehealth waivers, and a new conversion factor.  You can see an easy-to-read summary of these changes written by APA staff here.

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CPT Code: Professional Consultations

Psychologists now have a mechanism to provide and report interprofessional consultations (through telephone, electronic medical records, etc.) for diagnosis and treatment.  The new CPT® codes are 99446–99449 and 99451.  We caution you to check with your insurer to see...

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RxP in Colorado

In early March, the Colorado governor signed RxP into law in Colorado.  Colorado is the sixth state to allow prescriptive authority for psychologists with advanced post-doctoral training. Bills in Hawaii and Washington failed to pass thus far.

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RxP Bill in Vermont Legislature

VPA has, for several years, promoted prescriptive authority for doctorate-level psychologists with advanced training (known as RxP).  We are making progress on advocating for this important tool in addressing the shortage of psychopharmacology prescribers in Vermont....

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CareDash Is Gone

Some of you may remember our discussion about CareDash, a nationwide directory (pulled from the NPI listings) of of therapists that included individual therapists without seeking their permission or getting any details of the practice. It purported to allow...

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Have a Job to Post?

Are you hiring?  Check out our new job posting site, where you can post jobs, search resumes, review our career center, and see who else is hiring in Vermont!  Just click Careers in the navigation bar or click here.